Thursday, December 23, 2010

Hatschi the Hedgehog

First we saw this:

And then we bought this:

His name it Hatschi (roughly translated back to English from German means "achoo!"  Gesundheit.) and he is our bright-eyed and bushy-(um...pocky?)-tailed African Pigmy Hedgehog.

When he's scared, he rolls himself up into a little ball or at least lowers a few spines over his eyes, poised to defend himself.

Hatschi was born on October 25th and we brought him home on December 16th.  He is quickly becoming friends with The Biochemist but is taking his time warming up to me.

He has a thing for socks - we're not sure if it is due to his being able to crawl inside of them or if he likes the smell...

He will find the smallest, tightest space and try to crawl into or under it.  He tried forcing his way under a full rolling suitcase; he didn't get very far.

He is also incredibly flexible.  He is currently wearing his baby quills and over the next few months will be gradually shedding them for his more permanent adult quills.  He will spend vast lengths of time scratching his entire body with his hind legs; growing quills is an itchy business.  In the process, he will lose his blue dot which the breeder painted on his back to identify him.

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